Virtual Experience

Whether you only stream one presentation, or you need an entire virtual trade show floor. Our company produces engaging ways to move your external or internal event completely online.

In light of Covid-19 there are many ways we can bring your event online with the utilization of any platform. We have established four of the most common event online options that our client base considers the best solutions to avoid cancelling your event and allowing you to bring your attendees together.

Video Streaming Services

Each session and room can be streamed to a virtual audience. Your presenters can be at the initial live location, studio environment, office or in the comfort of their homes. This service grants multiple presenters snd interactivity such as questions/answers as well as polling.

Timeline for Materializing: 3 Days
Price Range: Starting at $5,500.00/Per Day

Full Virtual Environment

Streaming your general and breakout room sessions. This option allows for a trade-show floor or expo environment just like your live event. This solution is particularly valuable if you sponsorship revenue that you need to retain. Your sponsors will have the ability to chat with attendees, provide documents and resources as well as reporting information post-event.

Timeline to Implement: Several weeks, but timelines vary
Price Range: Starting at $110,000.00/Per Day

Live Stream To An In-Person Event

We will set up professional audio and video equipment at your in-person event so people can watch from their homes. We will help you choose the best platform for you, and can the best platform to support your attendees logging into view. Even if you just need this option as a back-up plan, we make sure all the logistics are in place. Plus, we ensure the video is engaging and professional so they’ll feel like they’re actually there.

Timeline to Implement: 3 Days
Price Range: Starting at $8,500.00/Per Room

Let Your Speaker Present Remotely

If you have a speaker who can’t travel to your event, we can help ensure they are still part of the conversation. We can setup equipment at your event to ensure your presenter can be seen and heard and interact with your audience. If your presenter needs support, we have technicians nationwide who can meet them in their home or office to help set them up for a successful presentation.

Timeline to Implement: Within 24 hours
Price Range: Starting at $3,000.00/Per Day

Move National Event To Regional Locations

If cross-country travel isn’t practical, but in-person networking opportunities are still important to your event, we can link smaller, regional events together virtually. For example, here’s one way we’ve done events like this: Let’s say your teams in New York, Dallas, and Chicago all meet in-person in venues in their respective cities, but watch live presentations together and interact with the other locations through video. This is a flexible option that we can customize to fit your exact needs.

Timeline to Implement: 3 Days
Price Range: Starting at $11,000.00/Per Location

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