Bubble Tent Experience

Be part of the new, exciting outdoor event concept with a luxury Bubble Tent. The deluxe tents are hardwearing and waterproof and take outdoor luxe events to a whole new level.

In light of Covid-19 there are many ways we can bring your event online with the utilization of any platform. We have established four of the most common event online options that our client base considers the best solutions to avoid cancelling your event and allowing you to bring your attendees together.

Tent Experience

• Suitable for any backyard, campsite, glampsites & full event experiences.
• Audio, visual, staging, decor, photography & catering services provided.
• Spacious enough to accommodate 4-6 people
• Made with durable fire & waterproof PVC material
• Powered by an Ultra-Silent Blower 29db
• Clean, fresh air replaced 6-7 times per hour
• Certificate can be provided

Tent Specifications

Bubble Tent (13ft Diameter Main Room)

A stunning 13 ft diameter tent with a double double-sided zippers door entrance module. This tent is large enough to allow the creation of a luxurious suite and comfort of 2 people in the main room, the 8 ft room can house a fully working bathroom or be used as a lounge area.

Bubble Tent (16ft Diameter Main Room)

A spacious tent with lots of room for extra lounge room. The main space comforts to 2-4 people and the side compartment can house a fully working bathroom. Ideal for festivals or party functions.

Fixed System: Steel pipes are used for stability in the entrance and floor of the main room. There are no steel pipes on the bottom of the bathroom.
Zipper: A durable and smooth zipper.

Air Circulation System: Small, netted holes at the bottom of the tent provide ventilation and air circulation.

Accessories: One (1) Ultra-Silent Blower 29db

Total Weight: 13-ft Bubble Tent 132 lbs | 16-ft Bubble Tent 227 lbs

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